Calendar of a Blind man...part 3

November 13th: Unlucky Friday. John coughs all night. The doctor’s are alarmed. The air smells of spring and John knows he’s hallucinating. He can hear Tessie singing and hope laughs.

November 14th: John is recovering. He fought for Tessie. He eats some broth. It’s warm and meaty sweet. It’s like the soup dad used to make when he came home. It tastes nice.

November 15th: The moon is very bright in John’s mind. He listens to the people downstairs and Hilda bangs on the wall between their rooms – it’s her idea of saying hello.

November 16th: A new nurse comes. To John, her voice sounds like Tessie’s. He feels as though he’s in love again but knows that he cannot be. His heart breaks for the second time.

November 17th: The cold gets worse in the night. John vomits and tastes bile for the rest of the day. He smells nothing through a blocked nose and hears only silence.

November 18th: Still in bed. Senile Grace wanders in and steals his pillows. The nurses don’t notice so John sleeps badly and hurts his neck.

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