We're All Kooks Here

“Only what I hadn’t already guessed.” Bran shrugged. “The conspiracy sites have a surprisingly accurate picture—at least, if you read the top three and average them out.”

Jason grinned. “The war’s been going on for so long, there’ve been a lot of leaks.”

“Is Central Command aware of that?” Star wondered.

“Probably. But they can’t really do much about it without giving it legitimacy.” Jason chuckled. “As long as they don’t do anything to validate the kooks, nobody will pay any attention who’s not a kook himself.”

“That doesn’t exactly speak well of your merry little band, you know,” Star said drily.

“Oh, we’re all kooks here,” Bran said cheerfully. “But at least we’re kooks who know what’s going on, instead of believing in half-assed conspiracy theories.”

“So anyway,” Star said, switching her train of thought back off the siding, “just so I’m clear, what is it you want me to do for you?”

“I’m not ready to give up on this body yet,” Bran said. “So just a scan to back me up should suffice for now.”

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