The Maiden Complains

The Maiden sprinted through the forest, her Maidenly bosom heaving. She paused when she thought she was far enough away and put on her clothing.
“Honestly!” She huffed to herself with Maidenly indignation. “Can’t a young girl take a bath without being spied upon?”
“Oh! This is ridiculous!”
What? That’s not in the script! What are you doing?!
“Why do I have to be the personification of all that is Maidenly?”
Um, I don’t know? Maybe because you’re the MAIDEN in this story!
“Maybe I don’t want to be the Maiden! Maybe I want to be a swashbuckling pirate!” The scene sudddenly changed to a Pirate ship, a Jolly Roger swaying in the breeze. The Maiden was garbed in an eyepatch and an earing.
What?? This is mutiny!
“Or maybe a damsel in distress!” The scene suddenly changed to a high tower guarded by a huge dragon.
No, but-
The Maiden pouted. “I want to have an Adventure! But I don’t even have a name!”

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