The Legacy of the Silent Storm

The wise old man sat down one last time.

“Ah, the perfect ending to my life story” the old man said as he picked up his quill

“Master why do you do this?” Storm said

“I do it because my father did it and-”

“-His father’s and so on, Master you know I will die without you.”

“Nonsense!” the old man said as he tightened his grip on the quill

Storm eyed the ground sorrowfully

“Storm, someday you will take on a disciple.” The master said softly

Tears began to run down Storm’s face.

“And you will finish your story.” the Master said as he began to cry too

Storm embraced the Master tightly.

“Will you take my quill and use it’s power to benefit my cause?.” The Master whispered

“I promise Master.”

“Good. Now it is time for me to write my last period Storm.” The Master said sadly

“I understand.”

“You know they will do anything they can to get this quill.”

“Yes Master.”

“Good then.”

And with that the master wrote his last period, and suddenly died. Storm picks up the quill and leaves the room.

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