Playing Catch Up

Shortly after that, the exit nearest the parked sports car burst open, and Lisa dashed for Fur, gripping a bookish-looking man with a briefcase by the arm before shoving him in and diving in herself.

“Jim, Sera, run interference for me!” Lisa shouted over the radio as the Lotus shot away, deftly dodging out onto the road. James needed no further instructions. Slamming Sera’s transmission into drive, they peeled out of the parking spot as the white sedan sped off in pursuit. The van and rollback, respectively hindered by the need to retrieve it’s passengers and lack of room to maneuver, found themselves facing an upturned Toyota Venza suddenly occupying the parking lot street access, on it’s roof. Sera’s raised suspension, however, made short work of hopping onto the lawn and out to the street, roaring off after the sports car and it’s pursuer.

“Damnit Jim, Fur’s a scout, not a heavy combatant, I can’t deal with this guy for long!” Lisa shouted again, but the battle-scarred truck was already closing the gap.

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