The island of disgruntled ficleteers

As they ran aground, Captain Jason shouted orders. “ALRO, get the others evacuated! Elsha, help G2 with the piano!” ALRO looked up, a worried expression on his face. “But why…”

“There’s attorneys after us!” Jason yelled. “Now move!”


But it turned out not to be the orderly evacuation Jason had hoped for. As they hit the island, all the passengers, and the piano were hurled off of the deck and into the sand. The piano got horribly out of key. But the betas were fine. And they had made it just in time. As they recovered from the blow, five attorneys came out of the water and into the sky, taking the ship with them. Suddenly, they heard a voice behind them. “Hello, my name is Oy,” the voice said “And welcome to the island of disgruntled ficleteers”

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