The Master's Quill

Storm stood in the hall and took a few deep breaths.

“You know we must test you now.” A man in a black cloak nodded.

It was ancient custom at the monastery to test the new wielder of the quill.

“Yes, I do.” Storm replied

The Cloaked Man walked slowly down the hall.

Storm quickly follows.

The Cloaked man stops in front of an eerie dark room.

“Go in there.”

“Why? Is this part of the test?”

No Reply.

Storm eyes the man and then sighs.

“I’m sorry I’m kind-”

The Cloaked Man pushes Storm into the dark room and locks the door.

“Hey what are you doing!” Storm cries as he tries to open the door.

There is no reply. The door does not budge.

“This must be part of the test.” Storm thought

Storm reaches for the quill in his pocket and pulls it out to see that it glows in the dark.

“That is so eerie.” he whispered in awe

A drop of golden ink falls from the quill onto the floor.

Well this is as good a shot as anything.

Storm writes the word “Exit” on the wall.

With a flash an exit appears.

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