Fallen Daisies (3)

He was gone because of her, no matter what people told her.
‘It’s not your fault, to road was icy, there was nothing you could do, you’re lucky to have survived!’ Alice still felt responsible for Ben’s death. She would rather have died with him than lived through the torturous aftermath.
It was a winter night like any other; cold, dark and icy – very icy, the first winter break of college. Ben and Alice were returning from a party at one of their new college friends. Ben had drunk his weight in beer and was completely incapacitated, so, naturally, Alice was driving. On their way back to the flat they shared, she decided to take a shortcut and drove into a small lane in between two colossal apartment buildings, which towered over the road, looming in the darkness. The snow that had fallen the night before had not been cleared and it had rained during the day, turning the ground to ice.

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