Best Ride In the Park

“Well..” She warily glances at her ‘beginner’ labeled ticket hanging around her neck. “I mean, you said this hill was easy, and I really don’t want to get lost again on my way back again.”

I sigh. “Okay, if you really think you’re ready for this. I mean, the hill is easy. No moguls and hardly any ramps. Only thing is, it’s steep.”

I almost hear her gulp. “How steep?”

“Pretty steep.”

She squeezes the little clamps behind the boots and both her skis unclick at the same time. “I guess I’ll meet you on the bus.”

“Okay, later!” Now, back to the hill.

I carefully maneuver myself back to where I’d been on the edge. Not many people know this, but there are paths that go into the woods and down alternate routes to get to the bottom of the mountain. No one knows who originally made them, or if they even used to be part of the slopes. Every now and then, though, when it snows enough for a couple of the trails to get covered in a foot or two of powder, it’s the best ride in the entire park.

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