The Jerk

You think you’re better than everyone else.
You think that you are cooler,alternative, because you’re different to everyone. Everyone is simply mainstream,normal, unlike you.
You told me to get a life, first get your own!
You think you are gods gift to woman, but guess what: You’re far from it!
You date your exes friends,and once done with them,move on to the next lot of poor girls who will be scarred for life.
You put people down for your own insecure reasons, you enjoy others pain.
You called us rich snobs, yet you get every single valueless possession you want.

You think you’re living the high life,but guess what its crumbling down around you… You’re best friend, he hates your guts.
The people who call you a friend, they hate you too.
You’re a selfish jerk, who is only capable of loving himself and your stupid guitar.
Your right! You’re not gay, you just Loooooooove shopping!
Look in the mirror
You might just realize your a massive friendless,ugly jerk.

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