A new world

I am tired every evening, of the same mundane software I churn out every minute. But today, I was sleepy. My head felt so heavy as if I was drunk.
I sat in my car that ran on the road and turned the key.

I woke up all of a sudden, but I was no more on the road.

How long had I slept? It couldn’t be more than a few hours at the most.

But here I was with vehicles flying around me. It felt as if I have been asleep for a few CENTURIES. There were cloudy traffic signals. Birds had to use the rainbow crossing and wait for the green light to cross. My car wasn’t moving, since it was parked on a high rise tree.

Restaurants now served meals on the FLY. I started my car and began to float. I stopped at the nearest food joint. They served electron juice and diode fry. I wasn’t sure I’d heard of these dishes before. But the waiter suggested they were SKY famous dishes.

Was I dreaming? Is all this real? Is this some alien ship I have stumbled upon? I had no answers, but I was sure happy to explore this new world!

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