A Regular Joe, Part Three

By the time they had arrived at the doctor’s, Jon was quite perturbed by the fact that this was as real as it was going to get. This was Paris, then? This was crazy. Looking at his … wife’s? … stomach was reality enough that whoever he was right now was going to be a father. i.e., him. And the thought made him very queasy. But not as queasy as his wife/girlfriend/whatever looked.

“Oh, I thought I was over this morning sickness,” she groaned as she rushed for the restrooms. A couple minutes later a young nurse came out. “Beauford, Selene?” Knowing exactly who she was calling, Jon raised his head from some dismal little ragazine and looked at the restrooms with a worried expression. “She is a little sick right now, but I’m sure that she’ll be out in a minute.” The nurse nodded.

About five minutes later she came out, looking a little pale. “Well, time to go into ze doctor’s, I guess.” He slipped his hand in hers as they walked into the narrow hallway, and into the room of Doctor Mabelle.

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