Lazy Day

Overcome with feelings of joy and happiness, she turns to her lover and kisses him sweetly on the cheek.
“What was that for?” he mumbles, barely awake.
“Because I love you,” she sighs. He turns and looks deep into her eyes. Her body thrills at his gaze.
“I love you too. Always and forever.” They continue to lay there, content in each other’s presence.
He’s the first to break the comfortable silence. “Let’s just stay in bed all day.” He smiles a mischievous grin.
She snuggles in next to him, her body tingling. “Ok,” she breathes.
Suddenly their bedroom door swings open and the pitter patter of little feet invades the room.
“Mommy! Daddy! Can we go out and play?” Little voices jumble together to become one. Smiling at each other, the both turn to sweep a child into bed with them.
“Sure. What do you want to do out there?”

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