Second Chance

The angel shined down at her. “It’s time for you to go back now.”
“But..” I felt so peaceful and happy, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back. I’d seen this fantastic place full of love and people who knew me, I mean really knew me. No one back there ever seemed to really know me.

The lit land of happiness began slipping away, the light dimmed, the angel disappeared, and the pain came back.

I opened my eyes. Doctors and nurses rushed about. But I was relieved, the love for all humanity remained. I felt like everyone had a good side, they all deserved a smile, a hug, and to be treated equally.

It didn’t matter that I had tubes sticking everywhere, that I was heavily sedated, or that I had lived a life of scorn and anger. I was happy.

When the doctors finally took out the tubes so I could speak, they cowered for fear that I would begin yelling at them. Instead I said, “Thank you.” They blinked, faces surprised, joked that I hit my head rather hard.

I began handing out gifts that day, and I never looked back.

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