Dog Pt. 2

They tried to get pregnant for a few months, but it never seemed to work out, so in the intern they decided to get a cat. The lady at the cat store had wrinkles like riverbeds in her cheeks. She told them she could smell a cat lover a mile away.
She bounced through the cat store, pointing at different cats as they caught her eye. That one, That one, she said. I want that one. Look at the fur! Look at the way it licks its paw! Look at how long its whiskers are! No, I don’t want to just choose one, we have to choose one! They couldn’t decide who should decide what cat they should buy. They asked the lady with the riverbed cheeks what she thought.
I think you should get the cat with that special something, she said. You’ll know what I mean.
I think we should get a dog, he said.
They decided on an affectionate cat with cow eyes and farmcat fur. They named him Jackson, after the singer. The third night after they got him they had to take him back because he meowed so bad. They decided on a dog instead.

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