chalkboard memory

I wonder if blackboards feel the same sort of crippling debilitation.

Once filled with a brilliant thought or another. Next obscured as the residue of empty thought-stuffs is wiped away by a careless wave of the hand.

Just enough of a distraction that our school green minds are wiped clean, or otherwise forced to decipher the remaining impressions…trying to recreate the lost words.

Sure, sometimes that lost thought, that brilliant idea meanders back.
Most times though, it’s just not as good without those exact words, precisely in that order.

So, I ask the chalkboard…does it bother you that so many brilliant ideas, carefully and painstakingly imprinted onto you, just wander off? Don’t you wish you could remember all of those things and rearrange them into the next great idea? How do you cope with it?

Funny thing….it just stared at me with some dust on its face….

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