Breaking Rules

I’ve been coming here since I was six, and I’ve been riding double blacks since I was ten. I found the trails on accident, and I’ve only run into a couple of people. Of course, ski patrol keeps an eye on it to make sure no one goes back there, but they’re easy to trick.

Glancing around, I see no one from ski patrol up here. No adults, even. This is when everyone starts going back to the buses.

Skiers and snowboarders start going past me, all focused on the ramps ahead. Most won’t even land it, but they’re not paying any attention to me, and that’s perfect.

Carefully, I slide diagonally across the hill and reach the partially-hidden opening to the woods. Turning left next to the tree stump, I have to work my way through the maze of trees and saplings until I reach a different clearing.

I pull out my cell phone again. Still about forty minutes left. I’m never late, and even if I was,
Anna would hold the bus for me and come up with some lame excuse.

In the meantime, I’ll break the rules.

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