My howl lasts as long as any. It echoes through the valleys and bounces off hills until it reaches the moon. Izar chuckles and a thin line of blood trickles from between his lips. I lay my head on his lacerated chest and I will not move. No mortal hands will part us. Ever.

His breathing becomes slow and he brings his hand again to my head. “It’s not your fault.” he whispers. Tears roll down my furry cheeks and drop onto his handsome face. There is nothing I can do. I cannot help him. “Don’t be too sad, Glade.” he smiles.

My paw finds his and he clutches it as my claws retract. “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.” he whispers, “And, Glade, I love you. So much.”
The moon hides for a moment, slipping between heavy clouds. The return to human is quicker than the change to wolf. I am naked on the ground beside my dying lover. Because of one memory. One mistake.

Izar kisses me. I can taste his sharp blood on my tongue. It repulses me but I return his love. When we part, he has left me. As so many lovers have.

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