Sheep Toy Making Factory

I work at a factory where all we do is make sheep toys.
They’re called Little Woolies.
All I do is make sure the toys are safe for the children we are selling them to.
No knifes, no pins stuck in there, no explosives…
Yeah, someone tried explosives once.
My boss, due to lack of extra money, decided to cut my pay check in half.
To tell the truth, I wasn’t getting that much in the first place. Here’s how the bad news went down.
“Squanto! Come here!” he beckoned. I got up and walked to him.
“Yes, your mighty highness?”
“I don’t know how to say this, ol’ buddy, but you ain’t gonna get what you used to be gettin’ paid!”
“Why? I slaved for hours over that machine, and yet you decide to cut my lousy pay in half?”
“Yes! I do! We ain’t got enough money for payin’ yeh that much!”
“I was getting paid allot..”
“And this isn’t that bad! You’ll be getting two dollars an hour! Ain’t that sweet?”
“Oh, I’m just POSITIVE it’s enough to make a living off of. I most defiantly won’t need to get a second job.”
“There yah go!”

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