Out of the Rabbit Hole

Alice saw the rabbit hole ahead of her. She ran and ran trying to escape her doom. The cheshire cat appeared on her shoulders, “In trouble I see” The cat laughed and disappeared. Alice ran faster, the rabbit hole seemed to be getting farther away as she ran. She skidded to a halt when she saw the edge of the cliff appear. “Oh fiddle sticks.” She huffed. Across the cavern was the rabbit hole.
“Off with her head!” She heard in the background. She turned around slowly, the cheshire cat, Mad Hatter, and Marsh hare were all there laughing and pointing at her as she realized her fate. “I will have the last laugh.” She said, “I will wake myself up from this nightmare.” At that she jumped over the edge and began to fall.
“Alice!” Eliza screamed.

Reality hit hard.
Alice had fallen off the balcony. Tears streaked down her cheeks as the pain of fractures sunk in. “Victoria call the ambulance!” Laura yelled applying pressure to Alice’s bleeding forehead.
The ambulance arrived quickly and they put Alice in a stretcher.

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