Suicidal Memories

Embry woke from a returning nightmare in a cold sweat, that ran down his spine making him shiver. He grabbed his Impression and texted October. R U OK? he laid back down taking staggered deep breaths. He slowly fell into unconciousness.

October woke up to her alarm clock screeching in her ear. She threw her Jack Skelington pillow at it and curled up and went back to sleep. Her cell phone’s melody rang. “It’s six in the morning who is calling me?” She growled in aggrevation.
“Its Embry, are you ok? I had a horrible nightmare about you. It felt so real.” He said rushed and out of breath. “Yeah dude. I’m totally fine. Tell me about it when I get on the bus.”

August and Autumn woke up to October’s ringtone ringing on Autumn’s phone. “Hey girlie. What’s up?” They said to her synchronized.
“Not much, Embry had another nightmare about me.” October whined. “Really?” August said. “When will these stop.”Autumn said after her.
“I do not know but it’s annoying.”She growled.

The three girls met at the bus stop.

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