Accidentally a Pedophile

I sit hunched over the keyboard, typing furiously, sweat pouring down my face.
I can’t believe I’m having such a deep conversation with a child, but life sometimes surprises you.
My life had become boring and routine. My husband didn’t pay any attention to me, prefering to watch football or basketball or whatever sport was currently blaring from the television.
I longed for the days when we were newlyweds and he chased me around the house, barely able to contain himself. But since he’s too absorbed in being boring, I went looking for my own excitement.
I tentatively signed up for a chatting site, thinking I could amuse myself by talking to strangers about my life. What did it matter? They didn’t know me and I didn’t know them. Little did I know that teenagers are looking for a good time online as well and they know how to use their words.
So, I struck up a conversation with tiger17, thinking maybe I could save someone else from my fate. I didn’t realize that it would turn me into a pedophile.

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