You Say Emo I Say Troubled

I watched, not breathing, as he read my letter silently. She looked over his shoulder and read it saying “She’s a freak. You’re not actually going to go on a pity date with her, are you?”
He laughed “No way.”
Strike one.
He went on to tell her how ugly I was. How I cut myself for attention. How I have no self esteem so I put myself down in front of others to get compliments. I shut my locker door then, so loud it made them look. I made sure to look into his eyes with anger and tears blurring my vision.
I ran out and ditched, driving in circles until the time came when the school was let out. I slammed the door to my room and lay there on my bed for what felt like an eternity. I cried into my pillows and hugged my teddy bear, wishing he would hug back.I went into the bathroom and stared at myself.I hated them as much as I hated myself. The knife I clutched was cold against my wrist. I hesitated before slitting it open. My vision began to blur.I fell to the floor in time to see my parents rush in.

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