Didn't I tell you?

I put the key in the lock and opened the door. It creaked a little and smiling I remembered John had said we’d need to get it sorted. I looked at my watch, 5:27 it read. John should be home soon.

Deciding to make myself look nice for when he arrives home, I go upstairs and head for our bedroom. As I walked I realised that the week after would be our 6 month anniversary and I started to make plans. I opened the door, preoccupied with my plans and stopped as I caught sight of the bed. On it, were my boyfriend and my sister. They don’t notice I’m there. They’re too busy. Tears run down my face. “What is this?” I ask loudly.

John looks up and frowns, “Didn’t I tell you?” he said

“Tell me what?” I ask through clenched teeth.

“Well firstly that I’ve been made redundant, and also that I don’t want to see you anymore”

As I stand there in stony silence he says, “I’m sure I told you!” and grins before kissing my sister.

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