Break From the Monotony

The last thing on Violet’s mind was history, least of all the homogenized, corporation-influenced history Mr. Krumb was droning on about in front of the class. Everyone knew it was a joke, but what choice did they have. If the real government couldn’t stand up to the larger abuses going on, what chance did they have to get real history books in the schools.

Thus not surprisingly, the entire class turned to see the brightly colored mech tapping on the window. Even Mr. Krumb stopped lecturing, probably grateful for the excuse to stop regurgitating the watered-down version of the American Revolution. Her own amusement turned to mortification as Violet recognized the mech as her newly modified scooter.

Said mech was now motioning for her to approach the window and open it. With a hard swallow, Violet rose and crossed the two aisles to the window, glancing around for reprimand or commentary. Her teacher only shrugged.

Window opened, the mech’s voice resounded into the classroom, “We need to go. Now.”

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