Twisted Love - The Battle

The battle was long and bloody but alas the coaches were no match for the adrenaline filled bodies of the teenagers. They stood victorious over the bodies of the slain men, blood seeping into the moist ground. With victory radiating from every pore in his body, Rob scaled the bleachers, swept Hannah into his arms, and with the voice of a god told Hannah of his secret yearning for her unconditional love right before he forced his lips on hers. Hannah entered a blissful state, her hopes and dreams were answered. Everything was right with the world.

Then something flew through the air, hit Hannah in the face, and ended the fantasy. She let out a sigh. Well it could happen, she thought wistfully to herself. Then laughed at the idea. Really. A track team revolt. Now that would be something. She contented herself with simply watching the rest of practice and waiting for the chance to speak to Rob.

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