Supers Do It...

“He wouldn’t stop.” He mumbles to the female officer pointing the gun at his head. With his hands raised, he is aware that the tight, long black leather gloves that are part of his costume are torn and shredded. Bits of skull bone are embedded in his hands alone with other less identifiable pieces. He glances down at what used to be the head of another man. It is now a bloody mass of broken bone and tissue completely unrecognizable as once human. The only trace of his super abilities are the still twitching hands ending in razor sharp talons.

The officer motions to her partner to enter the room as she barely makes it to a trash bin and vomits noisily. As his senses begin to clear he can hear the muffled weeping of a small child curled in the fetal position in the corner. Her long, blond hair is matted in the back with blood not of her own. The eviscerated body of her mother lays next to her.

“He wouldn’t stop.” The adrenaline suddenly leaves his system and the room goes black as he begins to fall.

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