Sarah, come closer.

I can feel the sweat tracing the curve of my inner thigh. She is staring at me again. She smiled, so eager to please. She wants it. I know she wants it. She is begging for it.

She recrosses her legs. A flash of skirt and a fleeting wink of bright pink panty. The knot in my stomach is growing tight and hot.

She did it on purpose. She knows I’m looking. She’s telling me what she wants.

“I want you to touch it. I want you to taste it.”

She smells like fresh cinnamon and vanilla. She smells like a sweet cookie.

I hand her a sheet of paper covered in pink writing topped with a large red “F”. Her smile fell. Her eyes widen and begin to water.

“Why? I worked so hard.”

“There were some issues. Please stay after class and we can review your homework in detail.” My mouth is so dry. “I’m sure we can fix this.” I managed to squeak out.

“Ok, Ms. Pearson. Thank you.”

“OK Kids! It’s time for recess. Go have some fun!”

“Sarah, come closer. You smell so pretty. Like a yummy cookie.”

Sarah smiled and moved closer.

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