Two Hundred

I’ve loved you since the day we first met.
The crowd was playing a then popular rap song. You were the new girl to the junior class at Salem State, you knew only your three roommates whom you met just hours before the start of the party. With no uncertainty you changed the music to a classic oldies song, “Teenage Wasteland”. There you stood, blushed cheeks and hesitant eyes as you waited for the crowds approval. They loved it. I loved it. Your taste in music wasn’t the only thing that drew me in; your simplicity, style and amiable attitude toward others had me hooked. But you were with him. You showed no signs of unhappiness, mistreatment or desires to move on. You were happy, settled and taken. I was crushed.

Friends, that’s what we’ll be I thought; and we were, good friends at that. Shared secrets, hobbies and jokes left me wanting more.

Three years passed. I’m taking my life, memories and baggage 200 miles south to leave my unfulfilled desires behind; but I’ll still love you since that day we first met.

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