How I Met Your Mother

“I told you I didn’t want guns in the house.” It was pointless trying to be mad, after all, a semi-automatic shotgun was exactly what was needed right now.

“We both know I’m going to win this argument so lets not waste time. You take the kids through to the other room while I take care of dead and deader out front.”

“Are you sure? When was the last time you even fired that? We aren’t as young or fit as we were 18 years ago.”

“You saying I’m fat!”

I decided to relent and led the kids into the kitchen, accompanied by a stream of questions from them that I was choosing to ignore. “Ok, your mother and I didn’t meet on holiday in Greece, we met during a Zombie apocalypse in London.”

Just as I finished speaking we heard two gunshots, and shortly afterwards my wife joined us in the kitchen. “I’ve dealt with the two outside, but I thought I could see more of them at the end of the road, lets follow dad’s advice and head to the base. However much you resent the military it is the safest place right now.”

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