Better nothing then pain (challenge entry)

Your sad smile planted a raging fear deep into my fragile heart. I knew what came now; the fatal blow. You looked to the ground. At those final moments, you couldn’t even hold my gaze. You mumbled the heartbreaking words and brushed your hand against mine. You looked up at me one last time and behind the mask of serenity, I saw your indigo eyes darken. Then you turned away. And I let you leave – there was nothing I could do.
All I felt was pain.
I stood there where you left me for an endless span of time – seconds, minutes, maybe hours. I stared at the patch where your feet had been. The grass beneath turned a deep emerald. I looked up to see a light flash past my face.
Then darkness. I lay on the cool leaves and stared at the twinkling stars. I felt small; I felt insignificant, I felt nothing.
Better nothing then pain.

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