The Dumb Test

The old man sat down at his computer once more. Doing this always amused him. He logged in as his favorite username Sexybabe11.

Sexybabe11: Hey Guys. Looking for a good time?

2good2bforgotten: Sure!

Sexybabe11: Ugh I am so horny right now I feel as if I could die! Do you live in colorado?

2good2bforgotten: Hey I actually do live in colorado, are you planning to visit? :9

The old man chuckled.

“I know you live in Colorado. Kids these days, so reckless about what’s put on there profiles.”

Sexybabe11: I’m actually going there on spring break…

2good2b4gotten: Cool! I hope your still horny then! :9

Sexybabe11: I’m always horny.

2good2b4gotten: Ooo, I like that in a girl.

Sexybabe11: You going ot be in Denver during Spring break?

2sgood2bfor4gotten: I am now.

The old man groaned.

“This kid thinks he is smooth? Well I’ll give him the shock of his life.”

Sexybabe11: Hook up to cam uplink 2685, I want you now!

2good2b4gotten has just entered cam chat.

The old man eyed the youth.

Still horny?

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