The Unhonourable Art of Stealing:

I have said it before and will say it again,
It is all in the breathing. The calmness.
Though your body tingles and your heart beats,
So fast. You must be slow and silent.

Walk as though you own the place,
You only make noise when you try not to.
When you reach for something. DO NOT SHAKE,
Convince yourself that it is yours.

And through the swirling colours alight,
And glowing madly in your mind in excitment,
Find some solemnity. Do not allow a smile to slip,
Or a frown. Be emotionless…be a ghost.

Be separate from everything. Even your heart.
Keep focussed. Hold your concentration always,
This is what they teach us. This is what they drill,
Into our minds. If you see it, it is yours…steal it!

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