Running Away

I am still close to the town. The villagers must have heard my howl last night. I knew it was foolish at the time, but everyone does stupid things in grief. Soon, bounty hunters will come for me. So I do not sit for long. I know I am the killer but I mourn Izar’s death and remember him for a little while. Then, I sit back on my heels and think.

I should leave this place. I should go before they find me. But where do I go? The pungent stink of the dead washes over me as it is carried on a mourning breeze through the tall, yellow grasses. I fall onto hands and knees as I retch and vomit.

Straightening ater my bout of sickness, I watch him one more time. Perhaps I hope he will wake up. Childish as it is, I beg deep in my heart for Izar to jerk awake and hold me…kiss me. He doesn’t. I am still alone. A lone wolf. I will run alone today.

I stare up at the sun. It is still early and the village will still be asleep. I raise my ring to my lips and kiss it for luck. Then, I turn to the horizon. I run.

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