The Envious Elf

The elf’s heart was a cold metal machine, thudding against his metallic arteries. His hands, always pinching, prodding, were robotic claws. His eyes were small, sharp spheres of steel, always remembering. His ears were large microphones instinctively trained to eavesdrop, and his lips loudspeakers that emitted gossip at any opportunity. The elf had an endless supply of undesirable qualities but of all of them, his envy was the worst.

When he saw a person with a higher quality computer than his own, he would boil with rage and envy and then whip to the store to buy the same, if not a better one. The elf couldn’t stand it if anyone had anything that was superior to what he had. Of course this led the elf to financial problems. The elf could barely afford the basic necessities, let alone all of the latest gadgets he so desperately wanted.

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