The Elf Goes Pop

After a frustrating day of eyeing all of the people around him with the hottest objects, the elf rushed to his little elfish house so he wouldn’t be able to see any other people with the marvellous things he couldn’t afford. He took a deep breath and tried to drain the envy that had bottle up and brewed inside of him.

When the envy wouldn’t spill from his entrails, he decided he’d relax in front of the TV. He slumped down on the armchair and mindlessly watched the screen. The envy was just starting to dribble out of him when suddenly the ads came on…

The envy was the worst he had ever experienced! His head was spinning with desire, his eyes were glued to the images of all the items other people had and he didn’t! It was too much for him. The envy bubbled and hissed until he suddenly popped and vanished into thin air! His envy had gotten the best of him and his little elfish mind simply could not hold that much envy.

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