Little Angel (Predator Challenge)

She’s such a pretty little angel. I admire her soft curls and rosy cheeks, worshiping her perfection. Her big blue eyes are glossed with tears, but that just makes them more beautiful. She’s so small and helpless, it heats my blood to see her like this. She stands before me, stripped to nothing but her sweet flesh, her hands modestly placed over her innocence to try and hide herself from my hungry eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, sweetheart, come here,” I beckon her. She comes, with trust in her eyes. She loves me and I want to show her just how much I love her. My hands roam over her body, drinking in the milky skin and flawless shape. Nothing can compare to this. She kisses my face and my neck. She puts that little mouth where she knows I really want it.

Afterwords, I put her in her pj’s, tuck her into bed and wish her goodnight. Her mom comes home and pays me for babysitting, I smile and tell her it’s a pleasure. She asks if I’ll be back tomorrow night.

“Of course.” I can’t wait to touch my little angel again.

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