Giving Thanks

Ahh, it’s the time of the year again to give thanks. I have a lot of thanks to give.
To the man in the grey suit, who helped me without me having to pay him. To the man behind the desk in the nice big building who decided that the hell my life had become should be turned around.

To the man (or woman, i’m not sure) who set the events in motion. The events that finally have led me to this wonderful day.

Oh, I must certainly not forget the people who made sure that I got all the credit for that event. Sure, they might have been incompetent and a bit lazy, but they did a fine job in making me “the brains of the operation”. They were also dressed nice, if I remember correctly.

And especially today, there are a lot of people to thank. The unnamed cook who made a fine turkey sandwich for me, the unnamed craftsman who made the chair I’m sitting in, the unnamed people who came to watch me, the unnamed man who, in a few moments, will start the fireworks.

You can all go to Hell, you bastards, I DID NOT KILL HER!

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