The Man in the Black Cloak

Everyday I watched this man. He would walk around the whole length of the city. He always would seem to be mumbling. Why he was mumbling? No one ever knew. Except me.

This man was the guardian of our city.

This man was the guardian that prayed.

Have you ever read a bible? If you haven’t you should, it’s a great book but I don’t beleive it’s a story. In the bible God gave Samson great power to protect his people. He gave other prophets power too.

This man was sent by god.

But why does our city need protectecting you ask?
Because we are in the middle of a warzone. The Supreme Monarch of our country has declared war on the indians. Before he was letting us live peacefully on our reserves; But now he’s killing all the tribes.

Altogther our tribes would have won the war.

But he attacked us all seperately, and left no survivors to warn the other tribes.

As the great book says “A house divided cannot stand.”

But who wants to stand?

Even when crippled in combat this tribe will still fight.


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