Like a Normal Person

He seemed like a nice neighbor. Up until the news story published on this morning’s news I thought I knew him well enough. We’d exchanged hellos on a regular basis and he was always good for lending a power tool or an egg or two if needed. But now. What am I to think now?

As Americans, we’re supposed to believe in innocent until proven guilty. I may have never invested the time into really getting to know the Corvette owner next door but I never had any reason to think that he might be shady. Even now, hearing the accusations, I have trouble. Why should I believe what people are saying? It can’t be. Not in my neighborhood. Not right next door.

But where is she? How could she disappear without a trace? It just doesn’t seem possible. He doesn’t act like he’s guilty. But he also doesn’t seem to show any remorse. How can he joke with the officers? Things just don’t add up. I wish I could just turn back time so that he would go back to just being my neighbor, the guy with the Beagle that chases the birds away.

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