35 chips in every cookie (If I ruled the world challenge)

“If I ruled the world, Mummy, I would make sure there are 35 chocolate chips in every cookie.”

“Not 36?”

“No. I think 36 is too many. You can’t taste the cookie then.”

“What about 34?”

’Mu-uumy! 34 is not enough!"

“Then 35 it is. When do you think you’ll be ruling the world then, sweetheart? I think I would love to have a 35-chip cookie right now.”

“No, you have to wait til I’m a big boy, and all grown up. Then I shall order the cookie makers to make sure there are 35 in every cookie, and that if they put in too many, or not enough, then I shall fire them… Or have them shot.”

“W-what did you say?”

“Can I have another cookie Mummy?”

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