Mimicry is only half of the work.

The ambassador slumped onto the couch, and the vase used to hit him miraculously did not break. Reiko sighed relief and began carefully undressing him, taking care to avoid the trickle of blood stemming from the ambassador’s ear. Reiko then donned the robes, and fixed his hair to mimic that of his still unconscious quarry, whom he clothed in his assassin’s garb. He hid a knife in the man’s belt – a violation of Koagrad’s Peace Talk protocol.

The arrangement was complete – all except for the extreme similarity between the two men. Reiko lifted the vase, turned it on its side, and this time struck the ambassador with it in the face until it broke. Whatever likeness they had shared was now obscured by ceramic shards. Now he screamed, and within moments there were several aides in the room.

“Ambassador Jorm! What is the meaning of this!” one of them asked, immediately launching to check the vitals of the corpse.

“A Verdan assassin, is what that is! Here through your incompetence!”

Reiko was in.

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