Free Garlic Bread

On the way to my next client, I stop to buy a pizza at Pinocio’s. I search with my hands for my wallet, and then remember I’m low on change.

“What will it be?” the owner questions me, eyeing my scythe with raised and crazed eyebrows.

“Oh, just a vegetarian pizza, hold the pineapple,” I say casually, then add, “I’m very sorry about this, but I’m low on cash at the moment. Is there any way I could come by in an hour or so and pay you back?” The owner stares at me in disbelief, then smiles cruelly as he replies.


“Look here, pal,” I begin, and grasp the collar of his shirt. These motions cause my hood to fall, and my nothing-but-bone face is visible. “Did you notice I ordered a vegetarian pizza? I don’t like being responsible for any deaths. Don’t make me change my mind.”

He stutters and mumbles, and finally we have an agreement. On my way out, I balance my pizza along with a free soda can and garlic bread.

There are some pluses when it comes to being Grim Reaper.

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