Waiting... At the Aisle

I stood there waiting, no longer needing the blush I had put on as my cheeks were now scarlet with embarrassment. I could only imagine how horrible I looked; my face was soaked with sweat from the nerves. Thank goodness for veils. I was getting tired of faking my smile and I think the whole congregation was too. The service was supposed to have started thirty minutes ago and the groom still wasn’t here.

I looked around the pews filled with people. My friends and family, staring at me, confused. I’d been telling myself up until now that he was coming, but I couldn’t keep fooling myself like this. He wasn’t coming…

Frantic and scared, I bit my bottom lip, the lipgloss faded already. Was I a fool for believing him when he told me he loved me, and that I would make him happy? Should I have reminded him I also wanted to be happy?

Suddenly the best man rushed through the huge double doors and my spirits lifted. He ran up to me and whispered something in my ear… My love, my life, my fiance, had committed suicide.

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