Racism & Bigotry

I want you to write a story where racism or bigotry plays an important part. It doesn’t have to be between blacks and whites. It can be about gays and straights, or transgendered folks, or even (if you really want to) between the older kids and the younger kids at school.

The story should have these criteria:
1. It should have in it somewhere an expression of bigotry or extreme arrogance from one entity to another (ie, taxi driver not picking up a black dude, or a company allowing sexual harassment of one of its female employees)
2. It should make a conscious attempt to be powerful and moving. Points will be given to stories I can feel really express something important, not necessarily sad. It doesn’t have to succeed, I just want to see a conscious attempt on your part.
3. Creative takes on this idea will be appreciated. I want to see some real thought put into this.

Good luck!

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