Anastasia watched as the Healer conversed with the outsider. He was a fascinating creature, to be sure. His dark hair and green eyes stood out among all the other folk. She sighed, they would probably send him away or something. Anastasia bit her lip regretfully, here he was, perhaps her only chance for a friend and she was doing nothing.

“Come now, Anastasia girl.” She mumbled to herself. “Surely you’re not afraid of an outsider. After all, no one here likes you anyway. You’re too different for them, aren’t you?” She jumped down from the tree, landing lightly on her feet. She smoothed out her skirt and shook out her full length, translucent, wings. Anastasia smiled, watching the blue pattern glint in the light.

She strode down towards the square to see if she could talk to him.

Then of course, she chickened out.

Anastasia groaned. “Coward.” She muttered, as she took to the sky, flying in the opposite direction.

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