Giggles and Tiny Carousels

I waited impatiently in the darkness. When was it going to be my time to shine again? My wings fluttered in anticipation. I had finally collected enough teeth from the little girl to make a really special song.

I heard sounds outside and I began bouncing on my piano bench with excitement, “She’s awake! She’s awake!”

The little girl grabbed the small carousel off of her shelf and I heard the sound of gears turning as she turned the little key, “Yes!” I screamed with glee. This was my time.

I cracked my tiny, nimble knuckles and began playing the little piano, which twinkled out the song that I’ve practiced so long just for the little girl. My fairy fingers flew across the keys that were made from the same baby teeth that were once in the little girl’s mouth.

I heard her giggle through the carousel and over my music and I giggled along with her, knowing that she was probably dancing around her room while the horses on the carousel paraded around to the song.

You know, tooth-collecting isn’t my only job.

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