What Am I?

Air rushes past as you breathe in
Then out and away, caressing your skin.
I’ll always be first to know what you say
I’ll always be first, your tongue to obey.

I can convey laughter or languish.
I can conduct your angst and your anguish.
Allow me to quiver whenever you’re sad
I’ll pucker and pout for love you once had.

Your eyes relay that we’re nearing a face.
Then the oxygen process quickens its pace.
I dance with my double, my twin as it were
And as we play envoy, your thought method slurs.

What power I hold over your soul.
As we meet our match, you lose all control.
I’ll never hold back and I’ll never withdrawl.
I’ll never hold back, I’ll go for it all.

I could remain your drug or your tincture.
I could remove your dress and your cincture.
Let me bequeath a rhapsodic hymn
To thwart you and thrill you, my wish is your whim.

I can manipulate sounds that you make.
I can and will stipulate which thirsts you slake.
I dictate when the world sees you smile.
I’m made up of muscle, magic and guile.

What am I?

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