A Game With Death

Arnold smiled as the beautiful young woman approached the table, her blond hair a gorgeous contrast to her dark black dress. “I think today might be the day,” she said, sitting across from him and extending her hand. Arnold took it in his own feeble one and gave it a gentle shake.

“We’ll see,” he said, grinning. He gestured at the board in front of him. “White or black?”

She giggled. “Arnold, why do you always ask me that? Black, of course.” His hands shook as he slowly spun the board around and pushed his king’s pawn forward two spaces. She mirrored his move.

“King’s gambit, is it?” he asked.

“I’ve had Fischer for a while now. He’s taught me a few things.”

He chuckled and continued the opening sequence. “And who do you think taught Fischer?”

She declined the free pawn and countered with the classical defense, moving her bishop. “Why do you continue to fight the inevitable? Everyone already thinks you’re dead.”

Arnold raised an eyebrow. “We made a bargain, and I intend for you to earn your victory.”

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