Not the Jones's 2

That evening, Jimmy stomped inside, seemingly exhausted from his day’s work. He’d not been late, but his boss had decided that the drains in the pool showers needed cleared. It was a million times worse than cleaning your tub drain at home, and Jimmy decided to ask his wife to clean theirs tonight, because if he saw even one hair in theirs, he’d lose his lunch.
“What’s for dinner?”
“Again?! We have that every day!” She ignores his comment and places a plate of food on a TV tray in front of him. She pours him some iced tea and joins him, balancing the plate on her lap. Jimmy had already broken the other TV tray.
“Get me some more.”
She gets up, her plate half eaten, and serves him seconds. The baby wakes up, wailing.
“Go shut her up!”
She disappears into the nursery, but soon carries the baby to the bathroom.
“Hey, clean that drain while you’re in there! I don’t want to see all the shampoo slime covered hairs tonight!”
“Alright!” she calls. She doesn’t tell him about class. He’d not understand.

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